6 Best Grandfather Clocks With Reviews - 2024

Grandfather clocks are cherished for their stately bearing and classic charm; they are recognizable emblems of class and tradition in any setting. These tall, freestanding timepieces are truly remarkable with elaborate craftsmanship and embellishments like carved accents, pendulums that swing elegantly, and bonnet pediments.


 Grandfather clocks represent history, customs, and enduring heritage in addition to being exquisite pieces of furniture. These exquisite sculptures, available in both traditional and modern forms, are priceless additions to any house or place of business since they never fail to win people over and grab their attention.

Best Ridgeway Grandfather Clock

Global Rating 5/5

Why We Choose


Select the Nullify Floor Clock for exceptional craftsmanship and classic style. It is an exceptional option for any house because of its eye-catching design, robust construction, and adaptable chime movement. Howard Miller’s renowned craftsmanship and style will elevate any environment.

Introducing the Nullify Floor Clock, a classic piece of art for your interior design. This grandfather clock is elegantly and precisely crafted. It features a bonnet pediment with an olive ash burl accent against a beautiful Treasure Oak finish.


Its reeded posts with turned capitals, constructed from carefully chosen hardwoods and veneers, contribute to its charm. The moon dial, with its elegant lyre pendulum, beautiful center disk, and Arabic numerals, is made to last. Crystal-cut grooved glass is displayed in the locking front door, and four levelers provide stability on any surface.


 This clock creates the ideal balance with its cable-driven triple-chime movement, which offers a selection of tunes such as Westminster, St. Whittington, or Michael chimes.  It’s a unique item with an illuminated dial, a glass mirrored back casing, and a handy key holder. This Howard Miller specialty, known for its superb craftsmanship and wide selection of home furnishings, will elevate your room.


Product Description: Brand | Ridgeway | Display Type | Analog | Style | Antique | Color | Treasure Oak | Special Feature | Illuminated | Product Dimensions | 23″W x 84″H |



  • Its chimes are much quieter than older grandfather clocks I’ve heard. I love the light inside the clock. It makes the home feel warm.

Best Ridgeway Grandfather Clock

Global Rating 4.2/5

Why We Choose



Select the Wood/Glass Grandfather Wall Clock because of its exquisite craftsmanship and classic elegance. This clock effortlessly combines appeal and functionality with its solid wood construction, antique-inspired appearance, and handy automated chime shut-off. Enhance your living space with a component that radiates dependability and flair, accompanied by an ample one-year guarantee.

Presenting the Wood/Glass Grandfather Wall Clock, a classic accent for your living space. This gorgeous clock finished in a warm oak tone, blends in perfectly with any interior design. Made of solid wood, its hand-carved embellishments radiate an air of antiquity, certain to become a treasured family heritage for many generations to come. 


With its precise measurements of 26″ x 11-1/2″ x 4″, it will look great in your living room or any other area. This quartz-powered clock has an automated shut-off mechanism and a calming chime that ensures quiet nights from 10 PM to 5 AM. You can rely on the quality and dependability of this sophisticated wall clock because it comes with a substantial 1-year warranty. 


The Wood/Glass Grandfather Wall Clock, a genuine representation of ageless elegance and workmanship, will enhance your house with its timeless beauty and contemporary convenience.



Product Description: Brand | Vmarketingsite | Display Type | Analog | Style | Traditional | Color | Oak – Roman Numerals | Special Feature | Automatic Shut Off | Product Dimensions | 11″W x 26″H |



  • The greatest grandfather clock I could own or have ever had. The stunning appearance, excellent sound quality, chime functionality, selection of one tune from four options, and volume control. Functions flawlessly. Exactly!

  • The clock satisfied my needs. The finishing touches and details are good. adore the chimes

  • The item was somewhat damaged when the box was opened. Still, I kept it.

Best Grandfather Clock Kits

Global Rating 4.4/5

Why We Choose


For simple clock manufacturing and repair, select the Long Spindle Quartz Clock Replacement Movement Parts. It is ideal for both repairs and do-it-yourself clock projects because of its extensive kit and adaptable “I” shaft. Assure accuracy and simplicity of installation while preventing hand misalignment using the instructions that come with it.



Here’s introducing the Long Spindle Quartz Clock Replacement Movement Parts, a multipurpose replacement or repair option for clock makers. This movement is perfect for clocks that have a thickness of 1-3 mm since it is made with an “I” shaft that can hold lengthy clock hands that measure from 10 mm to 450 mm.


 Each kit comes with one metal-hooked clock movement, two hours and two-minute hands, mounting hardware, and instructions wrapped in a thoughtfully designed box. This kit is ideal for do-it-yourselfers since it guarantees simple assembly and dependable functionality. When installing the hour and minute hands, users are advised by a warm warning to ensure parallel alignment and avoid applying excessive pressure to avoid bending.


This complete clock movement kit will improve your experience keeping time by providing quality and ease for all your clock repair and making needs.



Product Description: Brand | TIKROUND | Display Type | Analog | Style | Modern | Color | Black | Special Feature | Rechargeable | Product Dimensions | 0.63″W x 2.2″H |


  • It arrived swiftly and in safe wrapping. Simple to put together, and the clock now maintains accurate time.


  • Installation was simple and only required the clock’s main movement mechanism—the accompanying hands weren’t needed. Excellent installation instructions were provided, and the mechanism worked well for the first twenty-four hours. The fact that this unit replaced the one that was initially included with the clock and needed a C battery was a great enhancement. I’m quite pleased with this because AA batteries are now much more widely available.


  • The item was damaged when it came. The unit is filled with bouncing plastic gears. However, the substitute functions flawlessly.

Best Grandfather Wall Clocks

Global Rating 4.1/5

Why We Choose


The Mahogany Cherry Oak Wall Clock is a classic piece of beauty with a beautiful finish. It enhances your area every hour with its melodious appeal and comes with four complimentary chimes. Conveniently powered by a battery, it guarantees dependable operation without requiring cables or cabling.



It arrived swiftly and in safe wrapping. Simple to put together, and the clock now maintains accurate time. Installation was simple and only required the clock’s main movement mechanism—the accompanying hands weren’t needed. 


Excellent installation instructions were provided, and the mechanism worked well for the first twenty-four hours. The fact that this unit replaced the one that was initially included with the clock and needed a C battery was a great enhancement.


 I’m quite pleased with this because AA batteries present the ultimate in style, the exquisitely crafted Mahogany Cherry Oak Wall Clock. Its opulent mahogany cherry oak case gives any room a sophisticated touch. 


This clock, which comes with four chimes, enhances your atmosphere with its classic charm while telling the time and playing soothing music every hour. 

Its clockworks and pendulum, powered by two common “AA” batteries (not included), offer dependable operation without the inconvenience of wires or wiring.


 This battery-operated beauty, which would look great in your living room, workplace, or study, blends functionality with superb craftsmanship to provide both visual appeal and musical delight. The Mahogany Cherry Oak Wall Clock is a classic piece that effortlessly combines modern convenience with traditional beauty to elevate any décor and turn every moment into a sophisticated and stylish symphony.


Product Description: Brand | Bedford Clock Collection | Display Type | Analog | Style | Classic | Color | Mahogany Cherry Oak | Special Feature | Adjustable Volume | Product Dimensions | 10.75″W x 22.08″H |


  • This exquisite clock is just amazing. The clockwise is simple to install on my wall and set up on YouTube. Four batteries later, whoaaaaa. This is the perfect clock to have as a collector’s item and a stunning timepiece =)))


  • incredibly attractive living/dining room clock

  • My initial impression was that it was really lovely, and well-packed, and the pendulum was dirty and covered in fingerprints from use. The clock was completely broken and was not keeping time. The chimes were so corny. Today, I’m returning it.

Best Mantel Grandfather Clock

Global Rating 4.4/5

Why We Choose

Select the PresenTime & Co. Tabletop Clock to bring a little of modern farmhouse charm to any area thanks to its ideal size and classic style. It is made with high-quality materials for accurate timekeeping and longevity, and it adds style and functionality to any office or home. This sophisticated and useful clock will enhance your décor whether it is given as a gift or used for personal use.


Presenting the PresenTime & Co. Tabletop Clock, whose ideal measurements of 13 x 10 x 3.5 inches are sure to enhance any living, home, or workplace environment. Its hand-painted and gently sprayed walnut brown finish radiates modern farmhouse charm and adds a subdued pop of color to any space.


This clock’s high-quality construction, which includes its precise Quartz movement and sturdy aluminum metal hands, guarantees accurate and dependable timekeeping. In addition to providing protection, the premium PS lens deters dust, preserving the clock’s immaculate appearance.


 This exquisite design brings life to any place, from stylish living rooms to warm cabins, making it a perfect present for housewarming or special celebrations. This antique ornamental farmhouse and rustic piece by PresenTime & Co. will add a touch of class and utility to any room, whether it’s used for home décor or business.



Product Description: Brand | Presentime | Display Type | Analog | Style | Classic | Color | Walnut Brown | Special Feature | Silent clock | Product Dimensions | 12.7″W x 9.06″H |


  • It looks real. It is light, despite what one might assume if they lifted it. Whatever the case, it maintains good timekeeping (after all, isn’t that the purpose of a clock?) and I think it looks good.


  • It keeps a wonderful time and I enjoy the size and color! Everything is silent! Something larger than what I had was what I needed! Very happy


  • It is quite difficult to read when the glass face cover is illuminated. I think this clock is way overrated and way pricey. It’s green, not teal as some may think.

Best Grandfather Clock Oil

Global Rating 4.7/5

Why We Choose

Select our 100% Synthetic Oil for superior lubrication and increased performance. With our precise needle tip applicator, you can wave goodbye to sloppy applications. Enjoy peace of mind with a 60-day return policy that guarantees your pleasure or your money back.




Presenting our ground-breaking 100% Synthetic Oil, designed to improve performance on all moving surfaces and lower friction. Bid farewell to greasy spray treatments and lubricants derived from petroleum. We guarantee maximum performance without causing harm to painted surfaces or plastics thanks to our oil’s safety.


 Your satisfaction is assured by a 60-day, no-questions-asked return policy; if you’re not entirely satisfied, we’ll refund your money. Furthermore, precise oiling with no mess is possible with our medical-grade 1 1/2-inch stainless steel needle tip applicator, which simplifies and expedites maintenance. 


Whether used for precise instruments, home appliances, or industrial gear, you can rely on our synthetic oil to provide unmatched lubrication and peace of mind. Modernize your lubrication routine right now to enjoy longer-lasting equipment and smoother functioning.



Product Description: Brand | Liberty Oil | Material | Stainless Steel | Liquid Volume | 1 Fluid Ounces | Item Weight | 1 Ounces | Recommended Uses For Product | Medical |



  • This oil is meant for clocks, but I’ve also found that it works wonders for lubricating music motions. It maintains the music playing at the proper tempo and the movements functioning properly. Additionally, it is less expensive than replacing the musical movements, which are becoming more difficult to locate in the right size, arrangement, and key.


  • An excellent oil for grandfather clocks.


  • Yesterday, my package arrived, and I was really happy with the item. It simply takes too long.


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