Best 6 Bathroom LED Mirror With Reviews


The finest Bathroom LED Mirror is the pinnacle of contemporary luxury, and it will transform your bathroom experience. This creative light fixture offers unmatched lighting and clarity for your grooming routine while blending design and practicality perfectly. The mirror’s integrated energy-efficient LED lighting system reduces energy usage while maintaining ideal brightness. Bid farewell to poorly lit areas and hello to a brightly illuminated haven where every feature is highlighted. With the best Bathroom LED Mirror, you can turn your bathroom into a chic haven where style and functionality come together to create a wonderfully dazzling space. 

Best LED lighted mirror for bathroom

Global Rating 4/5

Why We Choose

For unmatched clarity and convenience, select our LED bathroom mirror, which comes with superior defogging technology, customizable color temperatures, and front and backlit LED illumination. Made from premium tempered glass for strength and safety, it offers simple installation choices and customizable power to meet your demands.


With the front and backlit LED bathroom mirror, you may enjoy unmatched clarity and convenience. With a CRI of more than 90, this mirror’s 192 LED light bead strip lights guarantee outstanding brightness and realistic reflection. With three different modes and customizable color temperatures ranging from 3000K to 6000K, you can personalize your lighting experience. 


The touch-button control system is simple to use and makes brightness adjustments between 10% and 100% effortless. Cutting-edge anti-fog technology quickly removes steam, improving your shaving regimen. This mirror is made with premium 5MM tempered glass, giving safety and durability a high priority. IP54 waterproof LED strips ensure over 50,000 hours of longevity and energy efficiency.


 Easy installation is made possible by the included screws, which allow for both vertical and horizontal positioning as well as plug-in or hardwired power options. Our excellent quality LED mirror will improve your experience using the bathroom.



Product Description: Brand | FURNIFIXTURE | Shape | Rectangular |Room Type |Bathroom, Dressing Room, Bedroom, Living Room | Product Dimensions | 32″L x 24″W | Frame material | Aluminum



  • I’m impressed by this LED mirror’s elegant design and excellent brightness. Simple installation with a dash of contemporary style.

  • How wonderful is this LED mirror! I needed a new plain mirror because my old one had started to chip over time. Presenting my recently acquired LED bathroom mirror – an instant love. I rarely need to use the main light in the bathroom because the LED light it emits is so bright. Furthermore, the defog function saves a lot of trouble by quickly clearing the mirror after a hot shower. Another benefit is the adjustable light feature, which lets me adjust the brightness and tone just perfectly. Overall, at a fantastic price, this LED mirror is ideal!

Best LED backlit bathroom mirror

Global Rating 4.4/5

Why We Choose

Choose this LED illuminated mirror to improve your bathroom experience with cutting-edge technology and ease. It offers unmatched brightness, changeable color temperature, and long-lasting durability.

With our LED backlit mirror, which has high-density 120 LEDs/m strips and almost twice the brightness of regular mirrors, you may enjoy unmatched brilliance. A light switch button controls the adjustable color temperature, which enables customized illumination at 3000K, 4500K, or 6000K. 


Benefit from the memory function, which stores your preferred setups for whenever you turn it on. Controls for independent power and anti-fog ensure both safety and energy efficiency. This mirror’s copper-free design and silvered reflective layer ensure longevity and environmental friendliness over its 50,000-hour service life.


 Its IP54 waterproof rating ensures that it is safe to use in damp conditions. Additionally, take comfort in knowing that the mirror will be protected during transit thanks to anti-drop packing. Improve the quality of your bathroom experience with this sturdy and creative LED illuminated mirror.

Product Description: Brand | Keonjinn | Shape | Rectangular |Room Type |Bathroom | Product Dimensions | 36″L x 28″W | Frame material | Glass



  • We looked everywhere for a mirror similar to this one and eventually found this one on Amazon. Although I was hesitant to acquire a mirror online in case it arrived broken, it came incredibly well-packaged for shipping. We hung the mirror right away after it arrived quickly and without any problems, and it looks fantastic! VERY strongly advised. Ours is hanging beneath the standard bathroom lights, and it’s ideal for creating ambiance and letting guests enter the bathroom with some light.

  • I first purchased this mirror on Amazon for less money. I returned the previous one since I didn’t like it and bought this one in its place. This mirror’s quality was significantly better than the previous one, and it had ten times the brightness. 10/10 would buy from them again

  • The defrost button functions, although there is a noticeable region on the left where the defroster isn’t working. We just cope with it after installing it and having to return the first one we bought. Far too much work.

Best Keonjinn LED bathroom mirror

Global Rating 4.7/5

Why We Choose


For flexible lighting configurations, a fully personalized experience, and easy installation, go with Keonjinn’s LED Round Bathroom Mirror. It comes with safety certifications and a 2-year warranty for added peace of mind.


With its unique features and flexible lighting options, Keonjinn’s LED Round Bathroom Mirror will enhance the ambiance of your bathroom. Enjoy three different lighting options for a variety of effects: backlit, front lit, or combination lighting.


 Front-lit mode ensures a clear reflection, while back-lit mode creates a softer, ambient glow. The combination mode provides even lighting, perfect for tasks related to grooming. You can alter the illumination with three different color temperatures and step-less dimming options.


 A separate defogging feature that enhances visibility and switches off automatically after an hour is included for efficiency and safety. With a power driver that has obtained UL certification, you can guarantee energy efficiency and take pleasure in reliable, quiet operation. 


This mirror features an LED lifetime of 50,000 hours and a silvered reflective coating for environmental friendliness. Secure use in damp conditions is guaranteed by its IP54 waterproof grade. In addition to being easy to install, the hanging cleat design offers peace of mind with a 2-year warranty. With the LED round bathroom mirror from Keonjinn, enjoy convenience and quality. 

Product Description: Brand | Keonjinn | Shape | Round |Room Type |Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room,Powder Room | Product Dimensions | 28″L x 28″W | Frame material | Glass



  • The fact that this mirror is backlit as well as front-illuminated adds a great touch of brightness to the entire bathroom. Its 28-inch diameter makes it fairly large as well.

  • For my bathroom, I got this circular light-up mirror, and it feels like Hollywood has come to my house. This mirror features both a front and backlight, and it is a real plug-and-play mirror with various color temperatures. When you press the button and the room becomes steamy, it will also defog.

  • With its three-color settings, elegant design, and fashionable appearance, this cosmetic mirror is a great fit for any home’s layout. The mirror appears quite clean and clear after wiping, excellent.

Best LOAAO LED Bathroom Mirror 

Global Rating 4.6/5

Why We Choose

With cutting-edge features like memory settings and defog capability, the LOAAO LED bathroom mirror offers unmatched brightness and diversity in lighting options, guaranteeing a hassle-free and clean grooming experience every time.


Introducing the LOAAO LED bathroom mirror, a state-of-the-art addition to any modern home. The perfect brightness for skincare, makeup, shaving, and dressing is ensured by this mirror’s dual illumination sources, a front light, and a backlight. You can easily adjust the brightness and choose between three distinct color temperatures to create the perfect atmosphere thanks to the dimmable feature.



 Say goodbye to foggy mirrors with the instant start and hourly turnoff of the defog function, which also includes a memory feature that saves your last setting for added convenience. Installation is easy with the included mounting gear, and you can choose between a plug-in and a hardwired setup. 


Made of 5MM tempered glass, this mirror is explosion-proof, shatter-proof, and deform-proof. Benefit from a three-year guarantee as well as attentive customer service for added peace of mind. For the best in functionality, safety, and style, check out the LOAAO LED bathroom mirror. 



Product Description: Brand | LOAAO | Shape | Rectangular |Room Type |Bathroom | Product Dimensions | 32″L x 40″W | Frame material | Glass


  • What a fantastic mirror at a fantastic price. It was installed for me by my electrician boyfriend, and it looks great—bright and touch screen. It’s not too tiny, and I adore the three settings. I’m going to get another one for my other bathroom.

  • For our whole home renovation, my spouse desired a mirror just like this one. We are not let down, though. This evening, I just connected the mirror. Wonderful! The fact that it can be simply dimmed to serve as a night light and has three distinct light settings—warm, natural, and cool—is something we both adore. Love, deep and true! Although I haven’t used it yet, I also like that the mirror won’t steam up. Get this mirror if you’re on the fence about it! It is worthwhile!

  • When the mirror arrived, the carton was damaged, full of holes and oil stains. Thought the mirror may break, but it turned out fine. While some reviews claimed this mirror was quite bright, I didn’t think it was that brilliant. It is not as bright as I had thought, but it still emits a respectable amount of light. It looks good and was simple to install.




Global Rating 4.3/5

Why We Choose


Select the Amorho LED bathroom mirror because it has two extremely bright lighting sources, safety-enhancing tempered glass that won’t break, and a wealth of adaptable features including brightness dimming and color-changing options—all covered by a comprehensive 3-year warranty.


Introducing the innovative and safe Amorho LED bathroom mirror for your daily grooming routine. Unmatched brightness is produced by the front light and backlit LED strips on this mirror, eliminating shadows for clear reflections.


 Long-lasting durability is guaranteed because it is made of tempered glass, which is resistant to corrosion and shattering. Warm, natural, and white color temperature options, as well as movable brightness, provide variety. All of these features are easily controlled by touch controls, which also include a smart memory function that allows you to save your favorite configurations. 


Installation is easy with the wall mounting brackets that include inclHardwired connections require professional assistance, but plug-in connections are also an option how customer satisfaction is very important to Amorho, and they welcome feedback for continued improvement. They offer a substantial three-year guarantee. The Amorho LED bathroom mirror combines contemporary design, practicality, and safety to enhance your bathroom experience. 



Product Description:Frame Material | Frameless | Brand| Amorho| Shape| Rectangular| Product Dimensions | 60″L x 36″W Room Type| Bathroom




  • I like this mirror beyond words. simple to install; it may be plugged in or hardwired. While it’s not enough to light the entire room, the light is excellent for applying cosmetics. In the end, we went back and added more lights. I adore this mirror overall; it’s large and exquisite!

  • These are stunning mirrors; I was hoping to have one large mirror, but I’m pleased with the two 36 by 36 mirrors I got. The light is directed directly into your face. Ideal for shaving or applying cosmetics. The current appearance is fantastic, and installing them was a breeze! extremely affordable for what you receive.

  • Not too bright, bought two for a bathroom renovation. Presumably 6500 lumens. Not as bright as our overhead light, which can accommodate five 40W light bulbs. will be coming back.


Best Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Global Rating 4.5/5

Why We Choose


Select SYATO mirrors for elegance, durability, and peace of mind in every reflection thanks to their superior frosted metal frames, high-definition, safety-centric glass, and seamless integration into any space.


Unmatched in their adaptability, SYATO mirrors look well in bathrooms, bedrooms, living spaces, and salons. A touch of elegance is added by their superior frosted metal frame, which is scratch and corrosion-resistant and perfect for regions that get a lot of moisture. 


These mirrors prioritize safety with anti-shatter film and offer distortion-free reflections thanks to their high-definition glass with an exceptional silver finish. The unique hanging strip design of the SYATO mirror makes installation simple and only requires two steps for a secure mount.


 SYATO guarantees client satisfaction with simple return policies, fast help, a 2-year warranty, and committed customer support. With SYATO mirrors, you can effortlessly combine elegance and safety into every reflection, elevating your décor.


Product Description:Frame Material | Iron | Brand| SYATO| Shape| Rectangular | Product Dimensions | 36″L x 24″W | Room Type| Bathroom


  • To be honest, my morning routine has grown so entwined with this mirror. Its design matches my decor nicely, so I placed it on the wall directly by my entrance door. The size is ideal for those last-minute glances before leaving to make sure there are no lipstick stains or misplaced hair. Unlike some of the flimsy ones I’ve come across, the quality feels very solid as well. It’s also like a lovely ornamental item on its own when I’m not using it. It’s functioning rather well.

  • Elegant, reasonably priced, and enhances the appearance of my area. Strongly advise!

  • My mirror arrived damaged.



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