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6 Best Lip Colours That Will Make Your Lips Pop With Reviews - 2024

Discover the latest in lip color trends that will elevate your look! From bold reds to shimmering metallics, these 8 trendy shades will make your lips pop and leave a lasting impression. Perfect for any occasion, these hues are designed to make a statement and keep you looking fabulous.


12 Colour stay matte liquid lip colour

Global Rating 4.2/5

Why We Choose

Choose our High Matte Velvety Lipstick Set for its vibrant colors, long-lasting wear, healthy ingredients, and stylish packaging—perfect for any occasion!

Discover the perfect addition to your makeup collection with this High Matte Velvety Pigment Lipstick Set. Featuring 12 stunning colors, this set offers a charming matte effect that lasts all day. Waterproof and non-stick, these lipsticks are ideal for any occasion.


 Infused with vitamin E and free of harmful chemicals, they keep your lips healthy and radiant. The smooth application ensures a flawless finish, while easy removal makes cleanup a breeze. Arriving in a stylish box, this package is the perfect birthday, party, or wedding present for women and girls. 


Take pleasure in complete contentment with this superb product. Our customer care team is available to help at all times if you have any questions. These vivid, long-lasting lip tints will elevate your cosmetic regimen!

Product Description: Brand| COOSA| Colour| 1. 12 Colors Velvet Set| Item Form| Liquid| Finish Type| Matte,Velvet



  • I highly recommend them 100%! They are excellent and last all day.

  • The product is of very good quality, although it seems quite small to me.

  • Pretty packaging..12 different shades..long lasting & very soft feeling..would make a great gift for friends or for yourself!

Best M.A.C Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour LadyBeGood 5ml

Global Rating 4.4/5

Why We Choose

Choose MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour for its long-lasting wear, rich pigmentation, and sophisticated matte finish, perfect for any occasion. Elevate your look effortlessly!

Experience the bold elegance of MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in the shade Lady Be Good. This stunning pink hue is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any look. Designed for normal skin types, this liquid lip color delivers a high-impact matte finish that lasts all day without fading or smudging.

 The lightweight formula glides on smoothly, providing full coverage with just one swipe. Infused with nourishing ingredients, it keeps your lips feeling soft and comfortable, even with long wear.



Whether you’re heading to a special event or just want to elevate your everyday makeup, Lady Be Good is the perfect choice. Treat yourself or gift it to a beauty lover in your life for a touch of timeless glamor.

Product Description: Brand| Mac| Colour| New! so me| Skin Type| Normal| Item Form| Liquid| Finish Type| Matte| 




  • THIS IS THE BEST LIPSTICK! This was suggested by a friend and it’s the best lipstick I’ve ever had.

  • I saw this color online and had to have it! Beautiful red color, feels good on my lips. I love it!

  • It stays on this is my favorite I’ve been wearing it for years

Best MDSolarSciences Colour Lip Balm SPF 30

Global Rating 4/5

Why We Choose

Select MDSolarSciences Tinted Lip Balm because it provides moisture, sun protection, and a natural tint. Avocado oil and shea butter make your lips smooth and supple!

MDSolarSciences Tinted Lip Balm offers the ideal balance of hydration, pigmentation, and shielding properties. All skin types can benefit from this hydrating solution, which has a matte finish with a bit of gloss and color. 

The combination of avocado oil and shea butter leaves your lips feeling exceptionally soft, silky, and nourished. It provides the required broad-spectrum SPF 30 sun protection to protect your lips from UV rays that can cause damage. This balm is perfect for regular use because it gives your lips nourishment and a dash of color.

Just take off the protective cover before twisting to use. MDSolarSciences Tinted Lip Balm will up your lip care game. You’ll have gorgeously nourished, protected, and tinted lips all day. Ideal for applying while on the go, this item is a necessity in any cosmetic bag.

Product Description: Brand| MDSolarSciences| Item Form| Balm| Finish Type| Matte| Sun Protection| 30SPF| Skin Type| All



  • Using this for summer to add color and minimum majeup

  • Excellent SPF lip balm with fun colors, I also use it on my cheeks! Always keep it in my bag for a quick touch up.

  • This is great for moisture for your lips and the touch of color is perfect.


Best Tinted  Lip Balm Colour 

Global Rating 4.4/5

Why We Choose

Pick It is BALM for hydrated, vibrant, and effortlessly gorgeous lips because of its rich color, incredibly smooth application, and nourishing ingredients like sunflower butter and vitamin E.

Use It is BALM 2-in-1 Lip Balm + Buildable Lipstick in Dusty Orchid Shimmer to transform your lips. This warm rose shimmer offers rich color, full coverage, and a hint of gloss with a dash of glam. This incredibly smooth, tinted lip balm is a necessity for every makeup bag. It is perfect for any occasion. 


Its recipe, which includes sunflower butter and vitamin E, provides both brilliant color and wholesome hydration. Sunflower butter, rich in antioxidants, retains moisture, and the vitamin E core guards against damage from free radicals and dehydration. 


For instant, smooth color, just twist up and glide across your lips—neither a mirror nor a sharpener are required. Get them all for any style, as they come in a variety of hues from flirty pinks and sultry berries to neutrals.


Product Description: Brand| Julep| Item Form| Cream| Finish Type| Semi-Glossy| Skin Type | Sensitive| Colour| 09 Dusty Orchid Shimmer


  • I have bought 2— one to keep in my purse and one next to my LR chair. It makes my lips smoother, and I love the tint. It isn’t long lasting, as far as the color goes, but it’s great for my lips.

  •  I had previously used and loved the cream blush, so I thought I’d give the lip color a try. It did not disappoint! Really pretty color, not drying, and lasts a while.

  • I bought it for my mom, who doesn’t like makeup. It gives her light color coverage while keeping her lips moist. Its like a combination of lip balm and lipstick. She loves it!


Pack of 6 Crystal Flower Jelly Lip Balm Colour Change

Global Rating 4.1/5

Why We Choose

Choose the 6Pcs Beauty Bright Flower Crystal Jelly Lipstick for its unique color-changing magic, long-lasting hydration, and beautiful flower-infused design.

Transform your lips with the 6Pcs/Set Beauty Bright Flower Crystal Jelly Lipstick. This magical lip balm changes color based on the temperature and humidity of your lips, creating a unique shade every time. 


Made with cocoa butter, beeswax, and essential oils, it provides long-lasting hydration, keeping your lips soft and moisturized.The crystal-clear design, infused with real flowers, offers a stunning aesthetic and a delightful application experience.


 Waterproof and long-lasting, this lipstick ensures your look stays fresh all day. Enjoy the benefits of flower-infused balm: moist lips, prevention of chapped lips, and vibrant, lasting color that doesn’t easily fade. 


Perfect for adding a touch of magic to your beauty routine, this set is a must-have for any makeup lover.


Product Description: Brand| Firstfly| Colour| Pink| Skin type| All| Item Form| Cream| Finish Type| Glossy|



  • I love its color, it moisturizes it, I have it for personal use, and I have given it as a gift to my friends. I love their presentation and they go hand in hand with my personality and style.

  • I love the color, moisture and everything about the product. You get so many for the price you pay. Would make a great gift for many.

  • These are great for tucking in birthday baskets.etc

Best Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm 

Global Rating 4.5/5

Why We Choose

Choose Dior Addict Lip Glow for its custom color technology, 24-hour hydration, luxurious feel, and elegant French craftsmanship. Elevate your lip care to a new level.

Experience the luxurious Dior Addict Lip Glow in Full Size 001 Pink. This innovative lip balm utilizes color reviver technology, reacting with your lips’ moisture levels to reveal a custom color and subtle shine, enhancing your natural lip glow for up to 6 hours. 


Infused with nourishing ingredients, it offers maximum comfort and care, hydrating your lips for a full 24 hours. The sensorial formula ensures your lips feel soft, smooth, and beautifully radiant throughout the day.


Elegantly packaged and made in France, the Dior Addict Lip Glow is a must-have addition to your beauty routine. New in box, it delivers high-end quality and exceptional performance, making it the perfect choice for those who seek both beauty and care in their lip products.


Product Description: Brand| NOATOKE| Item Form| Balm| Finish Type| Shimmery| Skin Type| All| Colour| Pink




  • This feels more like a lip balm than anything else. It feels good on and has a pretty pink hue. It is a bit pricey but it is Dior so it’s expected.

  • Not enough product in the tube for the money.

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